Chiropractic is a different approach to healthcare.

Are you in Pain? That is where most new patients begin learning.
And you are not too old to learn.

The body uses pain and limits motion in an attempt to protect itself. Symptoms like pain, weakness, and headaches aren’t just warning signs, they signify that the problem has been going on unchecked for a long time.

So if you have trouble moving and you are experiencing pain, your body is alarming you that something is going on and needs attention. Do not wait!

The chiropractor looks past the symptoms to treat the underlying cause of disease with the chiropractic adjustment.

The process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the history of the presenting problem. Following the consultation is a non-invasive physical examination to determine the nature and severity of the any issues that you present with on that day.

From there, the chiropractor will have enough information to make recommendations on the best ways to treat and manage your condition.

This process allows for the proper diagnosis and management your case.

The chiropractic profession is unique in it’s approach focusing solely on the location, analysis, and the removal of the vertebral subluxation. This is done with an adjustment.

This means, the chiropractor is able to get patients better without the use of drugs or surgery. They use a natural, non-invasive approach by analyzing the spine and using a chiropractic adjustment.

So if you have a Spine… Listen up!

The spine serves as the protector the of the neurological interchange between the central nervous system and the periphery. All of the information down from the brain telling the body how to operate. And all of the information up from the body telling the brain how things are operating.

Looking at the spine, the chiropractor is able to find areas of dysfunction. Imbalance, and decreased motion accompany neurological distress. This is the spinal subluxation; and it is corrected with an adjustment. The adjustment is specific force to restore normal motion and function to a dysfunctional joint.

By addressing the neurological component, chiropractors have been able to see dramatic results within a short period of time. While the initial goal is to get you out of pain, taking care of your body does not stop there. It will take time for your body to reach and maintain its optimal function. You can maintain your own health as you increase you understanding of your body.

Dr. Maffio is a valuable resource in keeping you and your family feeling great and healthy.

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